Creative combination of psychotherapy and flower essence therapy

How Family Constellation Therapy by Bert Hellinger can help us in healing the intrauterine traumas with flower essence therapy.

Traumas have deep and long lasting effects on people who experienced them. The traumatized individuals see the world as a frightening and dangerous place. If early traumas are not resolved, feelings of fear, terror and helplessness are  ransporting to adult period of life, setting the scene for the next generation of traumas. Emotional signs of the unresolved traumas can be seen in the existence of
anger and rage, irritability, sudden mood changes, intensive feelings of
guilt, shame and self accusation. Also the lasting effects of unresolved
traumas are sense of helplessness and hopefulness, confusion, difficulties
with concentration, sense of alienation etc. Physical symptoms
accompanying the emotional signs are: insomnia, night terrors, weakness,
tension in different parts of the body, tics, range of pains that are
changing places and do not respond to any conventional treatment etc.

When a person is a psychotherapist in Serbia (South Europe) helping the
traumatized clients is part of everyday job. To work together with client
on his/her traumas psychotherapeuticly is never easy, nor for therapist
nor for the client. It does not matter very much what kind of
psychotherapy you use or how deep or intensive trauma is, it is never
easy. Holistic disciplines like homeopathy, acupuncture and flower essence
therapy are more tender with the client dealing with his traumas and that
is why they are my natural choice, every time when that is possible.

One very popular psychotherapeutically way of working with traumas in
Serbia is Family Constellation Method by Bert Hollinger. Family
Constellations is an experiential process that aims to release and resolve
profound tensions within and between people. Bert Hollinger, the German
philosopher-psychologist is considered the founder of Family
Constellations in their modern form.
 According to Bert Hollinger,  present-day problems and difficulties may
be influenced by traumas suffered in previous generations of the family,
even if those affected now are unaware of the original event in the past.
A theoretical foundation for this concept is called The Ancestor Syndrome
in psychology. Recent findings in epigenetic research support the concept
that after-effects of trauma can be passed to subsequent generations.
Hellinger referred to the relation between present and past problems that
are not caused by direct personal experience as Systemic entanglements,
said to occur when unresolved trauma has afflicted a family through an
event such as murder, suicide, death of a mother in childbirth, early
death of a parent or sibling, war, natural disaster, emigration, or abuse.
It is interesting that Family Constellation Method even widens the effect
of traumas from intrauterine period to the previous family members. That
is not even the individual unconsciousness but family unconsciousness. But
in this instance as well as in the case with intrauterine traumas client
do not have the memory of traumatic events. It would be impossible, of
In those cases I have the same dilemma as a holistic therapist as I have
as a psychotherapist: How to choose homeopathic remedy or combination of
flower essences for the trauma that is evident but for which the client
has no memory? If therapy is verbal and the trauma is intrauterine or
happend very early, before the development of the speech, client do not
have the memory about it and often even words to describe something that
is only a bodily experience or deep tissue memory.Flower essence therapy
and homeopathy is often faster and always more gentle way of healing the
traumas but in order to prescribe the therapist is again conducting the
verbal interview with the client, and there it is again, the same wall -
the language and connection between it and memory.
I tried to tackle the problem eclectically. Why not combine the non verbal
and verbal ways of working with traumas. So I conducted the experiment
with a group of friends and some of my associates. A friend of mine who is
working as a Family Constellation Therapist was leading the group process
and I was #a stand by# flower essence therapist. We tried to see if it is
possible for the informational field that is happening during the Family
Constellations to help us chose the appropriate flower essence for the
unresolved intrauterine or past generation's traumas. I have chosen the
most prominent flower essence for traumas (in my opinion) in advance and
they were: Dud, because of its harmonizing effects for relationships I
dealing with traumas from family unconsciousnesness , Isusovu krunu, for
understanding the lessons behind personal sufferings in which people often
feel as crusifed on the cross of life,  esenciju Krompira, for developing
the wisdom due to wider perspective, Koprive, for its use in healing the
negative impact of divorce and aboundonment, Rena, for forgivness and
relesing the emotional baggage from past, Sremus, because it develops an
experience of safe and protection in the big world., Paradajz, for
releasing the different types of fears.
The person working on his issues was choosing the player for himself and
then we would introduce the essences, one by one, always in the same order
(as described above) and watched what would happen. The most interesting
part from my point of view (also the one that is speaking volumes about
the verodostojnosti postupka) was that there were strong emotional
reactions concerning some of the introduced essences. Player always had
affinity to some essences and indifference to others and even dislike or
irritability to some. During the experiment we did 4 constellations for 4
different persons and some constellation showed that that person would
need 2 essences, some even 4. All of them showed that the proximity of
essences to the player was different showing the order of usage of flower
essences for each person. The ones closer to player or even #in hug# with
player should be given first and essences some steps away from the player
should be given later on.
And then we did something that I called # introducing the control
variable#. We repeated the first constellation with different player and
the strangest thing happened: different player felt the same sensations
about the introduced flower essences like the first one. His constellation
matched the first one. Of course, it could be argued that they were
watching the first constellation and repeating it but I do not think so,
because the both players were claiming that they feel drawn to some and
indifferent to some essences and that the subjective feelings were very
clear (and I believe them). (Note: of course that could be avoided by
introducing the new player who did not see the first constellation, but it
was a lot of hassle for the first experiment and frankly I was just
checking if the constellations with the flower essences would work at all
and did not pay too much attention to all details.)
Conclusion: I feel very enthusiastic about the combination of Family
Constellation Method and flower essences therapy for diagnostic and
therapeutic implementation in healing the traumas for which the client
does not have the memory, but only the signs in body and emotions that
pinpoint to the effects of unresolved early traumas stored in body. I feel
very enthusiastic about it because the experiment has showed that the
informational field recognizes specific healing energy of the different
kind of f.essences. The subjective experiences of the players were very
clear and intense, encouraging us to repeat the experience with the real
clients. We are planning in near future to organize a group of clients who
would be willing to participate in this kind or work and then afterwards
to take essences that the field has shown. Hopefully with a little luck we
would be able to monitor through follow ups if there is any clinical proof
that supports my enthusiasm.