Flower Essence Acacia is for people who do not pay attention to other people and insist in their own way.

Key words: cleansing and cooling of the organism, against sunburn, dehydration. This flower essence is useful for people who feel "poisoned" and congested.

Flower Essence Apricot harmonizes mood swings and extreme emotional states.  It helps people with difficulty to switch from one seasons to another.

Key word: Mitigates intense feelings and mental states. This flower essence removes hidden fears, paranoia, anger and intense mental states.

Flower Essence Broccoli helps developing the character of responsibility, sincerity and courage. Heals perfectionism.

Flower Essence Geranium helps to restore the sense of security, safety and feeling that we are loved in this world. Very useful essence especially for "empatss".

Key words: action, clarity of purpose, enhances will, against prokrastination. It enhances the will, especially the will to do something.

Flower Essence of Capsela bursa is useful for women who have fears about various stages of the menstrual cycle - fear of puberty in connection with breast augmentation, menstrual pain.   

Key words: communication, understanding, grounding and sexuality. This flower essence is for those who have difficulty receiving information or articulating them clearly.

Key word: Happiness, hope,  optimism, unhappy, sad, self-pitying, pessimistic. Positive characteristics: inspiration for others, hope, seeing good in everything.

Positive characteristics: an abundance of energy resulting from the balance between polarities in the personality, balance between the left and right sides of the brain, balance, personality integrity, centering.

Vitality, physical and mental health, balanced nervous system, excellent regeneration ability, understanding disease as a challenge for growth and development.

Positive characteristics: experience of hardship in partnership, security in a partner role, courage to enter into new partnerships, real perception of relationships.

The Flower Essence Snowdrop is to overcome situations that seem hopeless and overcoming helplessness. It affects the fear of the new and the unknown.

Flower Essence Cucumber is against mild depression and for the cooling of emotions. They promote inclusion in life for those who have withdrawn from it.

Flower Essence Daisy protects the emotional and mental state of the person during the crisis. In situations of crisis, shock and trauma, it helps to keep the person centered.

Flower Essence Elder returns strength to older people by stimulating the natural ability of regeneration and renewal of the body.

Flower Essence Marigold is against skepticism and aggression. For the development of intuition. For those who are  skeptical about everything that does not have scientific evidence.

Key word: Freedom. Abandoning the need to be a controller in life. Flower essence Hazelnut converts resistance into a persistence.

Key words: freedom, courage, spontaneity, creative expression. This flower essence is for personal empowerment that helps the person to remove blockages

Key words: against obsessive thoughts, indignation, lack of  delight in life, for all who have survived a kind of abuse or violence.

Flower Essence Houseleek is for pregnancy, romance ... Helps women deal with issues of fertility and creativity in their lives.

Flower Essence Jerusalem Artichoke helps a person to take care of himself, renews attachment to his father and helps relieve all old problems in relationship with his father.

Key words: tonic for sorrow and sadness. Mild renewal of the desire for life. Helps eliminate toxins from body. For purification.

Key words: Nervousness, anxiety,depression, and stress are an integral part of their everyday lives for an increasing number of people.

Flower essence Lilac is especially suitable for the development of intuition, imagination, insight, a playful life-stance. stava.

Flower Essence Magnolia is useful for people who have a complex called "ugly duck". It is recommended for actors and people whose profession implies public appearances;

This flower essence is for people who are chronically angry or suffering from suppressed anger. The flower essence acts by mitigating defensiveness in interpersonal relationships.

This flower essence helps to clear and integrate past life events that affect our current reality. 

Flower Essence Oleander is for situations when we are at life-s crossroads and we are not sure what  our next step or decision should look like.

Flower Essence Onion relieves healthy grief in loss situations and helps with various PMS symptoms that are caused by emotional causes.

Key words: perfectionism, change of thought patterns, fresh perspective. This flower essence is for people with a fixed mindset, who hold their beliefs without re-examining them.

This flower essence helps to understand the deepest meaning of personal suffering that allows a person to discover and accept his own ways of serving the world.

Flower Essence Peach is for the care of the well-being of others, empathy, maturity, compassion, sensitivity to the needs of others, giving, etc.

Flower Essence Pear develop calmness, peace in the soul, returning to normal rhythms, facilitate being at the present moment.

Key themes: visualization, creative thinking. For creative visualization and inspiration, for people who manifest their dreams.

Flower Essence Red Peony is for personal growth and development. For people who have bacame so much materialistic that thet forgot that humans have a spritual side.

Flower Essence Red Poppyis for all women who feel vulnerable and are powerless to overcome their vulnerability.

Key words: strong will, individuality, self-destructivity, healthy boundaries, protection against all kinds of negative effects.

Flower Essence Nettle helps when a person lacks the ability to recognize an unhealthy, toxic, or violent situation in his/her life.

Flowering Essence Strawberries is suitable for those who have a strong sense of guilt, a low sense of personal value, self-blame and a sense of irresponsibility.

Positive characteristics: relaxation in relation to obligations, experience of slowing down time, efficiency, concentration.

Flower Essence Tilia is useful for people who perceive the business as a difficulty and too much responsibility.

Key words: Strength and durability, various types of fears, nightmares, gives courage to face everything that life brings.

Key words: Immunity, courage, releases from negative thoughts and opens the heart chakra. This flower essence strengthens the immune system of the person by rendering her the purest qualities of mind and heart.

Positive characteristics: enjoyment of sexuality, positive beliefs about your body and sexuality, the development of intimacy in sex for both sexes, sexual self-confidence,

Traumatic events, difficult situations, impossible people ... we accept them as they are. The same goes for  ourselves.

Flower Essence White Birch helps with the inflexibility and rigidity of thought. Rigid thoughts create a rigid body.